Viper's Pit Training Command

Welcomes you

The pages that follow are to help you in your continuing endeavors as a Steel Viper.

We here at The Viper's Pit Training Command are here to help and guide you through out your existence as a Steel Viper.  From your earliest Training as a cadet, to being a repository of knowledge, tactics, and design for your ongoing life in the service of the Clan.

Some of the material will be presented directly, here at this Location of the Viper's Pit.  For other Material you may be linked out to other Locations of the Pit, to Pages maintained by the Keshik, or to Pages maintained by others of Clan Steel Viper.

Explanation of Lag Shooting

The two pictures that are presented here, while using an older Heads Up Display, do present of a very good explanation of Lag shooting and how to accomplish it

Lag Shooting Picture (Picture # 1)           Lag Shooting Picture (Picture # 2)

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Basic MechWarrior  Information

Battle Mech 101 -- A small dissertation on initial entry to the world of online MechWarrior3

MechWarrior Honor -- My Views on what makes for honor in a MechWarrior

General Training Guidlines -- Points to be taken into consideration for training and practices

Basic Definitions -- Basic Definitions every good Viper should know

BattleMech Identification

BattleMechs -- This page contains a listing of Clan Mechs with their Proper Name, and the associated Inner Sphere Name.  As further archives are uncovered, specifications and drawings will be brought on line.

Trials of Clan Steel Viper

Clan Steel Viper Trials -- Descriptions of the Various Trial that you may have to deal with in your life as Clan Steel Viper