Tests of combat solve all problems in life.
-Clan Steel Viper saying

Trials for the Clan Steel Viper

The following links lead to the Trials that we of the Clan use for various purposes.

Trial What the Trial is used for
The Blooding Cadet's Passage to becoming a full MechWarrior
     ToE -- Trial of Entrance other units refer to The Blooding by this name
ToP --  Trial of Position Attaining of Rank other than The Blooding
ToG -- Trial of Grievance Used to settle differences between Warriors
     Circle of Equals The other name for a ToG
ToR -- Trial of Refusal Used to dispute, repudiate a judgment against a Warrior
ToJ -- Trial of Justice This is not a combat trail, rather a procedural trial. No battle is fought.  Can be Repudiated by a ToR
ToB -- Trial of BloodName This is a Trial for the Privilege of holding a BloodName
     BloodName Trail Alternate name for ToB

General Notes:

Special Modification to Clan Rules:

Due to the nature of MW4VL, the following is a modification to normal clan procedures for new Cadets:

Cadets will be admitted to CSV on a probationary basis and will be allowed to fight with the Clan in VL battles with the following restrictions:

  1. The Cadets Rank/Weight/Experience will be set at 3 (MechWarrior)/55/1 - this allows the Cadet to fight in a Bushwacker Chassis.
  2. The Cadet SHALL NOT accept or engage in any 1 vs. 1 battles of any kind affiliated with MW4VL.
  3. The Cadet is only allowed to drop in battle if any one of the Following Officers is present
    1. Khan
    2. saKhan
    3. LoreMaster
    4. OathMaster
    5. Star Captain Flat_Lander
    6. Star Commander ArcticWulf
  4. After the normal 2 week period the Cadet will be Called to Trial for his/her Blooding. After successfully Blooding, the former Cadet's MW4VL  RWE will be reevaluated by the Keshik.

General Trial Rules

The Keshik:

A member of the Keshik should be present at any trial. If the Trial is a ToP or Blooding , then they fulfill the requirement of Oathmaster/Loremaster and one of the Trial officers.  If they are the object of a Circle of Equals or Trial of Refusal, they cannot be the Oathmaster/Loremaster.  An UNINVOLVED member of the Keshik should be the Oathmaster/Loremaster in this case.

Trial Officer:

Senior officer conducting the trail. All Trials should  have at least one member of the Keshik present, unless specifically ordered by a member of the Keshik. If a Keshik member is not able to attend the Trial, then the officer designated by the Keshik is the Trial Officer.  The Trial officer acts as Oathmaster and LoreMaster for that trial and responsible  ALL Trials are conducted under Clan Rules of Combat and use Zelbrigen, unless specifically called out by the Trial Officer.

ToG's, and ToR's will never be unwitnessed.

Trials of Grievance and Trials of Refusal will always have a third party present to act as Oathmaster. The Oathmaster will be responsible for the ensuring that the Trail is reported and the outcome of the Trail. The Oathmaster for these trials should be at least of equal rank of the senior of the two parties involved, i.e. Nova Commander WinterWolf and Star Commander Drebb are involved in a ToG, the Oathmaster should be a Nova Commander or above, ideally a Keshik member but this is not possible in any given situation.

 Number of People in a Trial:

Unless otherwise stipulated, the number of people in the trial are the minimum necessary to accomplish that trial. For example,  a Blooding will be 4, the Cadet and the 3 Trial officers.


There will be no unnecessary communications during a trial.

*Loremaster and Oathmaster, as used here, do not necessarily refer to LoreMaster Iconoplast Zalman or Oathmaster WinterWolf Zalman.  These are terms are being used to designate the person enforcing the conditions of the Trial.

** Information for these pages were drawn from Galaxy Commander AsidRayne Ward's archives.