Trial of Position, ToP

A Trail of Position is the normal method of advancing in rank.  The Khan may Promote or Demote anyone at any time for reasons that need not be explained to anyone.  This is the Right of the Khan, quaiff?

MW2: Mercenaries MechWarrior3 MechWarrior4 
Mission / Map Valor Dropship LakeFront
Gravity 1 Not selectable condition of map Not selectable condition of map
Weight Classes Custom (see Description)  Custom (see Description) Custom

Temperature Normal Not selectable condition of map Not selectable condition of map
Radar / Time of Day / Weather On / NA / NA NA / NA / NA On / Day / Clear
Armament / Weapons Mod C1 C1, no flamers Custom

MFB / Resupply / Respawn See Description See Description Custom

Isorla / Ransom (see Description) (see Description) (see Description)

For a Trial of Position, many of the condition are the same as The Blooding, only the differences will be discussed here.

A normal Trial of Position is performed when all of following Conditions are met:

1.)  You receive notification via email that you are due for ToP.  This will occur automatically at the HP (honor point) differentials noted on The Viper's Main Site maintained by our Khan.  Honor Points are accrued by YOUR maintenance of YOUR Codex on the Viper's Main Site.


2.)  At the convenience of the Keshik and the Clan.


1.)  By special Decree of the Keshik.

Battle Conditions:

The Candidate will first battle a pilot holding the rank being sought or higher (as determined by the Keshik) in single combat.  If the Candidate is the victor in Single Combat, the new Rank is attained.  The Candidate then face the remaining Officers in a 2 vs. 1 fight (refererd to herein as "2nd Stage").  The Candidate must defeat BOTH of the BattleMechs faced to attain the next Rank available.

The Pilot of the Single Combat BattleMech shall hold the desired Rank.  The remaining  2 BattleMechs should, ideally, piloted by a warrior of the next eligilble rank and a Keshik member.

When facing the 2nd Stage officers, a certain amount of cunning and guile is expected to defeat the two Battlemechs.  However, if the Senior Trial Officer (Trial OathMaster) feels that the Candidate is not engaging in honorable combat tactics, Melee may be called and all 3 Trial officer may engage.  At which point the Candidate must defeat all 3 for the Second Rank.


The Trial Officers shall pilot BattleMechs according to the following for MW2 and MW3 Trials:

MW2: Mercenaries MechWarrior3
Single Mech (for first desired rank) up to 65 tons up to 60 tons
2 v1 (for next eligible rank) No greater than 110 tons between the two Mechs.  i.e a MadDog (60 tons) and a Phantom (40 tons) No greater than 110 tons between the two Mechs.  i.e. an Orion (75 tons) and an Adder [puma] (35 tons)


For MW2 and MW3: The Candidate for the new Rank will pilot the C1 BattleMech of their choice subject to restriction in the first table above.

MW4 Trials:

Due to the flexibilty of MechWarrior 4, the Trial of Position rules have been moved .

Isorla / Ransom:

Defeating the Single Combat BattleMech earns the Candidate the desired Rank.  Defeating all 3 BattleMechs advances gains the Candidate a 2 Rank advancement, unlike The Blooding, where defeating all 3 BattleMechs gains the Candidate a Jump in rank to Star Captain. (nominally a 4 rank jump)