Trial of Justice, ToJ

A Trial of Justice is an administrative Trial, not a combat trial.

A Trial of Justice consists of the accused, the accused's Advocate, the Inquisitor, The Judge/Jury, and any pertinent witness.  The Trial of Justice is equivalent to court trial.

The Judge/Jury is the Khan or saKhan. On rare occasions the entire Clan my serve as the Jury.

The Inquisitor is normally the LoreMaster or the OathMaster.

The Advocate for the Accused is appointed by the Keshik.  This may be the either the LoreMaster or the OathMaster, but usually is one of the Clan that is sufficiently removed from the matter at hand to represent the accused's interests fairly and Honorably.

In the event that a Trial of Justice requires the entire VOTING body of the clan, ONLY BLOODNAMED Warrior are eligible to vote.

The results of a Trial of Justice are binding, but subject to a Trial of Refusal.