The Blooding

(Trial of Entrance, ToE)

MW2: Mercenaries MechWarrior3 MechWarrior4
Mission / Map Valor Dropship (The Bowl area) Lunacy
Gravity 1 Not selectable condition of map Not selectable condition of map
Weight Classes Custom (see Description) Custom (see Description) Custom (see Description)
Temperature Normal Not selectable condition of map Not selectable condition of map
Radar / Time of Day / Weather On / NA / NA NA / NA / NA On / Day / Clear
Armament / Weapons Mod C1 C1, no flamers Custom
MFB / Resupply / Respawn See Description See Description See Description
Isorla / Ransom MW, Star Commander or Star Captain (see Description) MW, Star Commander or Star Captain (see Description) MW, Star Commander or Star Captain (see Description)

The Blooding is the Cadet's Formal Reception to the Clan. It is here that the Cadet proves his worth and the Cadet makes his first official kill (Bloods) with the clan.

The Blooding usually is called two weeks after the Cadet has received their Sibko Identity from the LoreMaster.  During that two week period the cadet should have been working with the Trainers.  This time period is a general guideline only.  It can be extended or shortened due to many factors.

The Blooding involves 4 People, the Cadet being Tested and 3 Trial (Blooding) Officers. The Blooding Officer make up should be of the following:  1 MechWarrior, 1 Star Commander, 1 Star Captain or greater.  This represents the Ransom that is possible for the Cadet.

The Blooding Officer will be piloting following "standardized" BattleMechs (Inner Sphere name for the BattleMechs are in parenthesis)

MechWarrior Star Commander Star Captain
MW2: Mercenaries MadDog (Vulture) Summoner (Thor) Executioner (Gladiator)
MW3 MadDog (Vulture) Summoner (Thor) SuperNova
MW4 MadDog (Vulture) Summoner (Thor) Executioner (Gladiator)

The Cadet faces each  of these BattleMechs in the following order, MadDog first, followed by the Summoner, then the Supernova or Executioner (assault). 

The Cadet will pilot the BattleMech of their choice, no weight class restrictions, with the Exception of MW4 where the Cadet will have a wieght restriction of 65 tons max.  Electronic Counter Measures (ECM) IS NOT ALLOWED.  ECM is for use against the surats of the Inner Sphere

The Cadet, AT NO TIME, will refit or resupply his BattleMech unless specifically told to do so by the Ranking Trial Officer.  The MFB / resupply points are for Trial Officers only. The entire purpose of The Blooding is to gauge the skill of the Cadet, this includes the ability to fight a damaged and crippled BattleMech.

Since Clan Rules of Engagement are in effect, should the Cadet fire upon any NON engaged BattleMech.  If a non engaged BattleMech is fired upon, ALL BattleMechs are released to action and may attack the Cadet.  This release will be at the Senior Trial Officer's Call only!  Should this release be given, this will include any BattleMechs that have been respawned, if respawn is in effect.

Results of The Blooding :

If  The Blooding is successful, the former cadet earns the highest Rank associated with the BattleMechs  that they have defeated.  Defeat only the MadDog, and the cadet is a MechWarrior, defeat the MadDog and the Summoner, become a Star Commander, defeat all three BattleMechs, you are a Star Captain.

If The Blooding is unsuccessful, the Cadet returns to Training to work on the areas that cause them to be defeated.