September 5th, 2001 --The Vote has Begun! Clan Steel Viper sheds its Skin to grow once again. All Vipers Check the mail for the place to go!!

August 30th, 2001 --Congratulations to MechWarrior GoldRush in his achieving Level 4 in the VL league. Gold has Adapted well to his life in the Clan.

August 30th, 2001 --After much pain, The Vipers are moving forward. A Keshik-elect is in place and Functioning the Members of this Keshik-elect are:

  1. WinterWolf Zalman -- Khan-elect
  2. Iconoplast Zalman -- saKhan-elect
  3. Flat_Lander Senra -- LoreMaster-elect
  4. ArcticWulf -- OathMaster-elect
The Clan Meeting of Frdiay August 31st will have further developments concerning the Leadership of Clan Steel Viper.

August 25th, 2001 --Clan Steel Viper is, Like its namesake undergoing a Molt, a sheading of the Skin in order to grow. Events are changing with a rapidity that prevents this to be update fast enough.

August 9th, 2001 --Congratulations to Star Commander Devious_Tech and MechWarrior Virus for their outstanding performances in their bloodings.

July 31st, 2001 --One more MechWarrior Rips his rank from the Coils of the Viper. Congratulations MechWarrior Gryphon, it was a fight well fought.

July 31st, 2001 --The Clan Grows Stronger!! Last night two of our cadets fought there way through very tough Bloodings to earn the rank of MechWarrior. Congradulations MechWarrior Watcher and MechWarrior Treize. May the Vison of Sanra Mercer guide you along the Path that the Kerenskies have laid out for you.

July 31st, 2001 -- Changes have been made to the way ToPs are done, most extensive changes are to the MW4 toP's are conducted. Be sure to read!!!

July 23rd, 2001 --A set of guidelines have been added for Warriors who have been inactive and have been away from MW4 for awhile. That document can be found here. Please be sure to read.

July 16th, 2001 --The BattleMech Techs were overheard complaining of yet another increase in work load as Nova Captain Flat_Lander Senra requestioned that addition of a DireWolf and an Atlas be readied for him. Congratulations to you Nova Captain for attaining Level4 in MW4VL

July 15th, 2001 --OathMaster WinterWolf Joins the Khan, saKhan, Star Captain Damein, and Star Commander Kimberely in the ability pilot a 100 ton BattleMech by reaching Level4 in MW4VL. This now makes the a Full Krait we can present to those that stand against us.

July 15th, 2001 --Star Commander T3-21 has been Called to a Circle of Equals by the OathMaster for Greivances occuring during his Trial of Position. Details in the Clan HPG that is broadcast to all the Touman.

July 14th, 2001 --T3-21, in a well fought Trial, claims the Rankof Star Commander. Well done Star Commander T3-21!!

July 8th, 2001 --Star Commander Kimberly (VL Rank Galaxy Commander) attained Experience Level 4 in the Vengance League. This now gives The Vipers the ability to put 4 100 ton BattleMechs on the field. It will be good to see the Star Commander in her Atlas.

July 7th, 2001 --Vengance League Restart!