March 29th, 2001 --The miscellaneous files section of the MechBay is up and operational. Files currently available;
  1. Lake Front Map
  2. Scrub Map
  3. Equinox Map
  4. MW4 Patch
  5. Microsoft Documentation for the Patch

March 25th, 2001 --The analysis of SnowJob has been added to the MechBay archives.

March 27th, 2001 --Congratulations to Star Commander ArcticWulf (MW4VL rank Star Colonel) for reaching Experience Level 2. The Clan Grows stronger...

March 25th, 2001 --The MechBay archives have been updated with Analysis of the following maps

March 22nd, 2001 --The MechBay has Map Analysis of DustBowl and Lunacy. Remember limited security has been implemented on the MechBay

March 22nd, 2001 --The MechBay has its initial offerings. Many thanks to Star Commander ArcticWulf for the inital input.

Microsoft has released the long awaited patch for MW4! Team Chat in the Ready Room and MechBay, fixes for the SpeedHack, and the addition of 90 minute and 120 minute missions are now available. To successfully download the patch you need to come in the front door to the MW4 site at Microsoft is setting a session cookie it appears to track how many downloads they get. The Viper's Pit WILL have this patch available in the Mech Bay as soon as possible!!

March 19th, 2001 --The MechBay is Operational!! Limited Security is in place. Click the Link or Click on the Clan Steel Viper Link and then the MechBay link. See Clan Mail for further details.

March 19th, 2001 --The Following Vipers are too be congradulated. Through some viscious and excellent Vengance League battles, Star Captains Damien(Angry), Flat Lander Senra, and WinterWolf have all reached Experience level 2. This means that for thier respective Vengance League ranks, they are moved up in thier tonnage that they are able to pilot, in the words of Star Captain Senra, "No more Prissy Mechs"

March 9th, 2001 --Mass of each Mech has been added to theBasic Definitions page

March 9th, 2001 --Weapons Charts are now online for MechWarrior3 and MechWarrior4 find them here off of the Equipment Page

March 8th, 2001 --Equipment Page Added

March 4th, 2001 --BattleMech Classification on the Basic Definitions page have been updated.

March 1st, 2001 --The Viper's Pit HPG is online and functioning.

January 19th, 2001 -- MechWarrior Kimberly Bloods Successfully!!!! Overcoming her apprehensions and nervousness Kimberly soundly defeats MW ArcticWulf and nearly our LoreMaster for the Rank of Star commander. Kimberly is a skillful pilot and excellent gunner. The Coils of the Viper are enhanced with her addition 

ArcticWulf overcomes his Trial nervousness to become a Star Commander!! This promotion is long overdue, Congratulations Star Commander!!!