June 30th, 2001 --The MW4VL cycle ends TONIGHT at 23:59 GMT ( that is 18:59 EDT for the United States and Canada. Please get your VL activity in now.

June 29th, 2001 --Congratulations to MechWarrior GoldRush. In a hard fought Blooding, MW GoldRush soundly defeated MW T3_21 and tested Star Commander Kimberly.

In news from New Kent, Star Captain Damien has been assigned to The Viper's Pit Training Command. The Star Captain bring his wide range of BattleMech expertise to the Pit and his general overall Skill will be a welcome Addition.

June 28nd, 2001 --Two more maps have been added to the Archives in the MechBay these maps are:

  1. SnowJob
  2. InnerCity

June 25nd, 2001 --Bondsman GoldRush proved his worth in battle over the weekend and as a result has had one of his Bondscords cut as a result. OathMaster WinterWolf is pleased.

June 22nd, 2001 --The Viper grows stronger!! We have taken a Bondsman, Formerly of Rahn's Rebels. GoldRush (Formerly known as GoldHere) was adopted into Clan Steel Viper as Bondsman to OathMaster WinterWolf Zalman. OathMaster Zalman expects Bondsman GoldRush to quickly prove worthy of bondscord removal.

Clan Steel Viper has also reclaimed one of our own from the stravag freebirth. We welcome back into the Coils Lil_Jag. While in service tot he Freebirth unit that had taken him he has done well. Last night his performance in battle has given him an upgrade in level in the VL league, Well Done Lil_Jag.

June 17th, 2001 --Star Commander Kimberly has been named as Trainer and has been assigned to The Viper's Pit Training Command. Congratulations Star Commander

June 15th, 2001 --The Vipers are celebrating SteelRaptor's successful Blooding. Raptor faced off against MW Elf_master, SCom Kimberly, and SCom ArcticWulf. He quickly defeated MW Elf_Master and gave SCom Kimberly a brave and skillfull fight. The Viper grows stronger!!

June 6th, 2001 --Our saKhan has reached the Experience Level 2 in the MechWarrior 4 Vegenance League!!! SaKhan Mercer is now unlimited in her choice of mechs from the smallest osiris, to the mighty DireWolf, let our enemies tremble and bewary.

May 26th, 2001 --Congratulations to Flat_Lander Senra. In a no holds barred Trial of Position, Flat_Lander aquitted himself with honor and skill to achieve the Rank of Nova Captain. The Viper is made yet stronger....

May 20th, 2001 --There was a changing of the Guard on this date, as WinterWolf Zalman was officially sworn in as OathMaster of the Clan. There was some speculation about the fact that the Keshik now has two members that are of House Zalman

May 12th, 2001 --The Vipers coils are swelled this night. Star Commander Luke and MechWarrior T3 both blooded successfully. Both Bloodings were hard fought. Each of the new Vipers faced Star Commander Kimberly, Star Captain WinterWolf, and Star Captain Flat_Lander. Each fought with skill and honor. Well done, Well Fought.

May 7th, 2001 --The Vipers welcome the following new recruits -- LukeMasters, T3_21A, and Jasona5/Steel_Raptor.

April 25th, 2001 --Congratulations to our Newest Star Commander, Kimberly. After a pitched battle with Star Commander ArcticWulf there was one Shadowcat lying broken on the field and Star Commander Kimberly's Strider standing. Due to damage to a leg actuator, Star Commander Kimberly was unable to vanquish the Summoner and Adder that were to be her stepping stones to Nova Commander, but the consensus amoung the Trial Officers is that it would have been very close. This victory comes in a timely manner as she is now eligilble For BloodName Trials as she is of the Ahmed - Zalman Line.

April 25th, 2001 --Due to circumstance beyond his control, Lil_Jag has been found ineligible for membership in Clan Steel Viper. MW4VL rules has precluded him because of filial connections to the Leader of another unit on MW4VL.

Star Captain WinterWolf (VL Rank Galaxy Commander) is now at Experience Level 3! Next on the horizon for this level is Star Commander (VL Rank Star Colonel) ArcticWulf

April 24th, 2001 --BLOODNAME TRAILS!!!The Keshik has declared BloodName Trials to occur on Saturday April 28th. The Houses of Mercer and Zalman have opened up one slot each. The competition for the Honor of these name will be keen as there are a total of 9 Warriors eligible for one of the two names. The House Masters, LoreMaster IconoPlast Zalman and saKhan SloppyJo Mercer will Post details of the Trials to the Clan HPG so that all that need to know are informed of the details

Clan Steel Viper welcomes Lil_Jag into our Coils. Lil_Jag has dropped with several Clan memembers in MW4 and is deadly in his Uziel. Lil_Jag will be a welcome addition to our Coils.

April 23th, 2001 --There has been a shuffling in the VL ranks to get the more active members into more flexible positions. Also there have been increases in experience level for VL. This has resulted in the following changes

Damien -- New VL Rank of 8 (Galaxy Commander) -- New VL Experience of 4 -- This brings a Second 100 ton machine on to the battlefield for the Clan

Flat Lander -- No Change in VL rank -- New VL Experience of 3 -- The increased tonnage does not add to the Star captain's mech selection (much to the relief of his techs), it does begin to swing the tide for us in the bidding

WinterWolf -- New VL Rank of 8 (Galaxy Commander) -- No Change in VL Experience -- This jump in rank gives the Clan the Capablity of fielding a full Assault Star. WinterWolf's techs have been heard complaining about that increased work load as WinterWolf has been constantly testing configurations on both the MC MkII and the Mauler.

Kimberly -- No Change in VL rank -- New VL Experience of 3 -- Kimberly's steady rise in experience is proving to be deadly to our foes. This increase puts Kimberly into the Awesome, the entry level assault mech and a good mech for specialized tasks.

April 12th, 2001 --The HogsBack map has been add to the miscellaneous files section of the MechBay