The Table below is to aid in deciphering Inner Sphere communications on that battle field

The proper name of the BattleMech is on the left, while the surat Inner Sphere designation is on the right.  As more and more of the Archives are brought on line, Technical Readouts will be linked in for comparisons of speed, weaponry, armor of the various BattleMechs.

Proper Name of BattleMech Inner Sphere Designation
Adder Puma
Bane Kraken
Black Python Viper
Conjurer Hell Hound
DireWolf Daishi
Executioner Gladiator
Fire Moth Dasher
Gargoyle Man O'War
Glass Spider Galahad
Hellbringer Loki
Horned Owl Peregrine
Howler Baboon
Ice Ferret Fenris
Incubus Vixen
Kit Fox Uller
Mad Dog Vulture
Mist Lynx Koshi
Huntsman Nobori-nin
Nova Black Hawk
Stone Rhino Behemoth
Stormcrow Ryoken
Summoner Thor
Timber Wolf Mad Cat
Vapor Eagle Goshhawk
Viper Dragonfly
Warhawk Masakari