Guidlines for Warriors that are returning after extended absence in MW4

  1. General
    1. Insure you have the latest Patch downloaded an installed. Available at -- downloads section.
    2. Insure you have the MICROSOFT add on maps installed. Available at -- downloads section. There are a couple of other maps out there, but there have been reports of bugs/problems with these maps. The Microsoft maps are:
      1. Lakefront
      2. Scrub
      3. Hogsback
      4. Equinox
    3. Play the campaign again – this will get you used to the controls (or allow you to remap your controls to your preferred configuration).
    4. Play the game in multiplayer mode with only you and bots. Cycle through the maps and get a feel for each one. I would suggest that initially you make a target bot that has no weapons and you and it go “against” each other. This will allow you to explore the map(s) with out having to fight. After you get familiar with the map, then you can go on “live fire”. When you go “live fire” use only level 9 bots as opponents. This will simulate having a “human” at the other end as much as possible.
    5. Team Chat is accomplished by the following
      1. In the ready room/mechlab: -u<space>message. When you type it will look like this:
        1. –u what mech do you want me in
          1. it will show up like this
          2. WinterWolf:team:>what mech do you want me in
    6. In Battle, use the ‘u’ key for team chat
    7. while not a requirement for general play, learn your Rank/Weight/Experience level from the MW4VL site. See the following section.
  2. For MW4VL
    1. Learn your Rank/Weight/Experience (hereafter referred to as RWE)!!. MOST of our practices are with RWE enforced. If you drop with me and you are not your proper RWE, I will personally shoot you, whether you are on my team or not. RWE in MW4VL is the basis of doing everything. Being out of RWE is considered cheating. CSV has an excellent reputation and we want to keep it that way.
    2. MW4 and MW4VL is a TEAM effort. If you run away from the Star, you can expect to be pretty well mauled and quickly. The players in MW4VL are GOOD. There are many units that act like one person when on the field. They are worse than a pack of wolves when it comes to finding and exploiting a weakness, and they will do just that.
    3. Do not EXPECT any kind of Clan Honor Rules, or Zelbrigen. This is a Freebirth based league. Legging, spawn point camping (both defending and attacking) etc, are all “legal” and valid tactics according to the league. IF there is a unit that asks for Clan Honor Rules, Zelbrigen before the drop, we can expect that kind of play.
    4. DO NOT complain that your RWE is not what you expected/had. MW4VL rank means absolutely nothing and is assigned FOR THE GOOD OF THE CLAN. We have placed Members of the Touman where it makes the Clan most effective. The ‘rank’ that matters most and above all is your clan rank. VL rank is nothing more than a tool for us. 
    5. In any case, you have but to ask one of the Keshik or Training command to drop in practice with you and we will. The only time that we will not is if we are actively getting ready for battle. By this I mean that we are in a room, with members from an opposing unit either in the room or on the way to the room. The members of the Keshik and Training Command are:
      1. Triasch Keshik
        1. kaKhan – WinterWolf Zalman (Khan)
        2. SaKhan – Iconoplast Zalman
        3. LoreMaster – Flat_lander Senra
        4. OathMaster – ArcticWulf Mercer
      2. Viper’s Pit Training Command (Trainers)
        1. Nova Commander Matrix
        2. Star Commander Vanguard
        3. Nova Commander Kimberly
        4. Star Captain Damien
        5. Triasch Keshick
  3. You are always welcome to drop in battle with us, that is why we are here. Never feel that because you have not played in awhile that you will “be a hindrance”. WE are clan because we like to play, not because we are point hungry, status-coveting Stravags.