Clan Steel Viper Training and Practice Guidelines



  1. Drop on warm to hot maps. This will encourage heat management and help us find flaws in the design of some of the Mechs we like to use.


If you are dropping with a Cadet;

  1. minimum weight for the drop should be 40 tons. This eliminates the light Mechs. What I am pushing for is to get the Cadets used to the Torso Turning and heavier Mechs. The use of the Nova and the Cauldron Born by the Cadets should be discouraged also. These limitations should help with Lag shooting, and maneuvering skills. It should also discourage use of the straight line attacks and the "bump and shoot" tactics of this type attack. I admit that the tactic of "bump and shoot" has its place, but it should not be the ONLY tactic in the Cadet's playbook

  2. if possible, drop with 3 (ideally, this should be 2 cadets and/or trainees and one trainer) people and play tag, CSV style. This is a rolling 2 vs. 1. One warrior is designated as "it" to start, with the other 2 acting as a team to destroy "it". As soon as the kill is made, the killer becomes "it". What I am looking for here is the buildup of Team Cooperation and of defensive skills.

  3. Drops with Lights should be done for the purpose of explicit goals, i.e. defensive maneuvering.

  4. Conduct yourselves as you want the Cadets to conduct themselves.

    1. Foul language -- We all know the rules about that

    2. Language in general -- We are a role playing group, the Clans rarely use contractions. The basic reasoning is that it forces you to think if you must phrase things properly:)


If Dropping with Non Cadets;

  1. Initially, a short warmup drop with any rules acceptable for the group. This is to get you loosened up and ready for the night.

  2. Intra-Clan drops should be done Assault Style; a.) 2 vs. 2

    1. 2 kills

    2. mfb on

    3. respawn is optional, BUT if you are killed DO NOT re-engage, merely observe and comment. This is to sharpen teamwork skills in an Assault environment. An Assault environment is much more restrictive and requires faster adaptation and flexiblity to win. If we get good in an Assault Environment, the Raid Environment should be a snap!

  3. Pick or Take your Wing and if possible Wing Alternate for that week and go out into the Universe and Pick fights (friendly ones of course). DO NOT fight each other when out in the universe, DO NOT split up just to drop.

  4. This will sharpen team skills.

  5. force us to be flexible. by fighting with elements outside of our League, we will be much better prepared for our "normal" enemies

  6. Last, but not least, this is also PR. As you all know, WE have a good Reputation out on the net, but it is beginning to erode. This is due to the fact that there are at least 3 other CSV's out there, not all of them are up to our levels of Honor. there has been a few times that, after a drop, i have been told. "It was nice to drop with a CSV that is honorable..." or words to that effect. We are not out there enough to keep our Reputation and Honor good. We are beginning to be judged by the standards of these others...

Ideally practices and training Drops for NON-cadet drops should follow the pattern Warmup Drop, then head out into the Periphery (non Clan Play Server)