BattleTech Source Book List

This is a  listing of BattleTech Source Books.  These book give extensive background information for the novel series, new equipment specifications as it has been added to the games or talked about in the books.

Much of the information in these books are lightly touched on by the novels and is not needed to know, but a the deeper understand they give of the particular source makes the novels that much more enjoyable.

Book Title Catalog Number Comments
The Star League 1630
Wolf's Dragoons 1631
Wolf Clan Source Book 1643
Jade Falcon Source Book 1644
Invading Clans 1645
Comstar 1655
MechWarrior Companion 1671
Explorer Corps 1681
1st Somerset Strikers 1687
Chaos March 1688
The Periphery 1692
Free Worlds League 1699
Field Manual: Mercenaries 1701
Field Manual: Crusader Clans 1706
The Clans: Warriors of Kerensky 1708
Field Manual:  Warden Clans 1711
The Shattered Sphere 1712
Field Manual:  Federated Sun 1719
Field Manual:  Lyran Alliance 1720
LosTech:  The MechWarrior Equipment Guide 1722
MechWarriors Guide to the Clans 1725